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Walk With Wilson

Socialising & outdoor training with Wilson.
Allow Wilson to bring your dog out for training sessions in various location around Singapore. This will help your dog to generalise behaviours better with constant reinforcement of desirable behaviours in and outdoor setting. 

Sessions will focus on 
  • Socialising of young puppy to novel stimulus and outdoor environment
  • Gradual exposure to shy dogs to new stimulus such as park, cyclists, walking alongside other dogs, people.
  • Generalising of behaviour such as: loose leash walking, stay & recall

Weekday morning only, excluding PH
pick up between 8-9am, drop off after 12pm
*owner does not attend the session

Suitable For

Puppies 6 months and below
Anxious dogs that needs gradual and gentle exposure to stimulus
Owners with no transportation
Owners that does not have enough time to train their dogs


Max of 2 dogs per session.

Rates (Per Dog)

$80 Supaw Student (Past & Present)
$120 non Supaw student (will be considered “Supaw Student” after 5 sessions)

*All vaccines must be up to date, and on fleas and ticks treatment.

Do note that payment is final and non-refundable.
Do refer to T&C for more info.