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Private Home Training

Using the syllabus of Supaw Good Citizen Program, Private home training is done at your own pace. Covers in...

  • Suitable for puppies that have yet to complete vaccinations
  • Suitable for dogs with behavioural problems
  • Suitable for owners with shift work or no personal transport
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Walk With Wilson

Socialising & outdoor training with Wilson. 
Allow Wilson to bring your dog out for training sessions in various location...

  • Suitable for puppies 6 months and below
  • Suitable for anxious dog that needs more exposure
  • Suitable for owners that does not have enough time to train their dogs
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Behavioural problems can be very stressful for both the dogs and the owners. Contact us now.

  • History Taking
  • Customised training plans
  • Inclusive of follow up sessions
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  • Find out our rates here
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